Telephone System

Communication solutions for your business.

IT Service Dubai offer business communication systems with the flexibility required by any business today.Our Telecom solutions are capable of being configured to meet the needs of any organization from a single site business expecting to grow and needing a system with the flexibility to handle increasing demand, to a multi-site company needing efficient communication options across locations and may be different time zones. Our telephone system range covers a broad variety of office communication products, from Avaya, Panasonic, Grandstream, Dlink, Digium, and NEC.

We help business to replace the existing telephone system or PABX System that no longer sufficient for your business needs or who are struggling with a system that is obsolete or entering its end of life period.There are plenty of businesses happily using out-of-date telephone systems, but when it comes to system fail you may lose highly important customer calls and a waste of time for your workforce.The cost of the lost business alone should be a red flag warning in the argument against holding onto an old telephone system.

Telephone Systems Dubai

Voice Solution Installation

With broader experience in designing, installing and supporting business telephone systems, we know we can not only provide up-to-date replacement solutions, but also improve and streamline a business’s everyday working practices while cutting costs.

Our flexible, scalable business telephone solutions cater for companies of any size from small to medium businesses through to multi-site large enterprises with up to 2000 extensions.Our success lies in our ability to listen to the requirements of each business type and to design solutions that suit their specific needs.

IP Telephone System

IP business phone systems use your existing IP data network , LAN to direct telephone calls and handle system management. IP Telephony offer huge advantages over traditional digital phone systems.Business can use the same data network for the IP Phones. It reduce the investment on Cabling infrastructure.With IP Telephone System you will get-

  • Freedom from long-distance charges, since voice calls run over your intranet and service provider IP networks or interconnected corporate network.
  • New services, such as unified communications, which seamlessly blends various types of communications, and user mobility, where features follow users wherever they go
  • The power for users to access, personalize and control their communications, wherever they are–at their desks, roaming the halls, at home or on the road
  • Lower costs, as one network does the work of two, reducing equipment and administration requirements.