Email Service Dubai

Email is really a critical element for every business regardless of its size. IT Service Dubai can take care of all your business email needs whether you want it on hosted servers, In house servers or maybe in the cloud, we got it covered. Additionally, due to the importance of email, many organizations and individuals now actively look to retain their email messages indefinitely. With the huge growth in storage capacity on computers and company networks, people are less inclined to delete email that may contain valuable information, and much more likely to retain messages for future reference.Together, these factors have resulted in new challenges for businesses managing email. Users are spending more hours searching for information stored within old emails.In that case Continuous access to emails is required, all the time. Even short outages of email services can leave users unproductive, and with no external email communication, business opportunities may be lost.

As a result, organizations are increasingly looking to protect themselves by making sure email is online, archived and fully protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.IT Service Dubai can provide secure email service for your business as well as the way todays business demands.


Office 365

IT Service Dubai offers professional Office 365 migration solutions & services across Dubai, UAE. Exchange online plan from microsoft  for business mail allow you to scale the services when business grows.As a office 365 re seller and partner in Dubai IT Service Dubai offer dependable service to our clients

Google Apps

IT Service Dubai offers responsive & reliable Google for Work business mail solutions.At first glance, migrating to the cloud might appear to be a major undertaking; however, at IT Service Dubai, we have  the experience and expertise to make the transition for both your data and your end-users a smooth one.