Avaya Telephone System

Business Phone System Avaya IP Office in Dubai was created thinking of small and medium enterprises. The overall objective of the Avaya office telephone system is to allow employees, managers, and users to connect and collaborate with each other in real time, eliminating any limitation, the use of modes and devices they choose with laptops, mobile phones, Smartphones and office phones involved in the communication mix. The system offers a high degree of compatibility, and users can choose, digital, analog or SIP IP technologies in any combination, allowing flexibility and integration with existing equipment to keep costs low. IP Office can also interact with more than 2 million other Avaya systems worldwide.

This futuristic vision has enabled the IP Office phone system that provides tools and services that enable advanced functionality to cooperate with basic telephony to the powerful and sophisticated unified communications. In addition, IP Office is an ideal solution for the new flexible forms of work that are common to most modern companies, such as the use of domestic workers and mobile workers support option. Features that support specific user roles, receptionists services for users of office employees to the street vendors offer. The system is also very flexible and meets the needs of the business, whether a small business, start-up or the National Multiple Sites conglomerates. Each system can support 5 to 1000 employees per site, with up to 32 different locations in the network.

Avaya Partner Avaya (Advanced Communication System) is well designed for small and medium business PBX phone system. The main system components are the circuit module. The central unit or processor is the brain. Using the nozzle module, with 2 or 5 locations, greeting cards and voice mail backup and recovery has a full system. Phones compatible with the Avaya system are models or models with a large LCD screen with no buttons for the LCD functions. They come in two colors, white and black.

avaya dubaiThe processing system may be used as an independent unit by itself, which contains five incoming CO lines and nine phones. The boundaries of the system are a maximum of 21 lines and 44 extensions with many common configurations. Various configurations are achieved with the director and the processor or support 2 or 5 slots by combining different expansion modules. The modules can be used to add lines and system extensions or other devices such as voice mail, CC modems, fax and/or fractional T1 units.

System functions are numerous, including, without limitation, caller ID, distinctive ringing, call forwarding, call waiting, call transfer, speed dialing and conference personnel system is referred to as the 5 parts and many more great features. A very interesting feature that the Avaya system today “Road Warrior” is a call forward to cell phone feature. An incoming call can be answered on AA (auto attendant), and then connected to the user’s telephone extension and, in turn, transmitted to a remote telephone or cell in which it intends to go. Since the site does not have any problems with voice mail. You can retrieve your messages remotely at any time.

Avaya system is easy to use a program and easy to install. Modules and updates to the voice mail, backup, and recovery, and expansion of amendments can be performed by inserting a system board and/or PCMCIA card slots in the module system. The documentation is supplied on CD and is very well prepared.

Wireless speakers are also available for the Avaya, as well as credit card readers, fax machines, etc. With the added option to VOIP, the worker may have a Partner Avaya phone at the local office away from the main office and answer and transfer calls as if you were in the central office.

In conclusion, the Partner Avaya is robust and easy to manage phone for a small business that is hard to beat.